The Verge

A Turbine Sunset – Photo: Yours truly

I’m rounding the corner and preparing to finally get started on this new journey. Summer now draws to an end, and with fall quickly approaching, the wind of change is certain to blow in.

In previous blog updates, I’ve written about the tough times I had with 2016, and how I was looking forward to making 2017 a transitional year for me, as I head toward a much awaited (and hopefully better) 2018.

I’ve made some great gains over the last year, in both my health and my focus. I’ve been losing some significant weight, and starting to feel so much better. That process will only continue over the winter months, as I plan to emerge a “new me” come summer. I’ve been focusing on my future, and pushing for greater things in life. I’m going to turn a few heads down the road.

It hasn’t been easy. Whether change is planned, or forced, it never is. However, it’s what you do with the change that defines who you’ve always been. One thing I’m certainly not, is a quitter. No matter the challenges life throws your way, giving up can’t be an option. The easy way out isn’t rewarding.

I’m on the verge. Something new, something different, something good. Mere weeks away from heading down a path in life that I should have been on all along. I suppose it’s never too late.