The Final Leg

Photo Source: Google

August has arrived, and with that I’ll be on a journey to finally get this film completely shot. A marathon march to the finish line, if you will. Eight-to-ten months from now I’ll be wrapping up principal photography for the my documentary, The Hockey Film. Then, roughly six months of post production, with a targeted release of early October, 2018.

I’m nervously excited. Excited, because there are a number of things happening that I can’t wait to experience. Some of it will take me out of my element, completely out of my comfort zone, and its exactly what I need in my life. Nervous, because I really want to create a film that people enjoy, and with all the interest and attention that has been coming my way as of late, the pressure is on.

However nervous I may be, the truth is that this film has been in production for a long time, and I really can’t wait to get it done. I need to complete it, and move on to my next film projects. The film had two rough winters that stalled production due to the warm weather. Here’s hoping that ┬áthe winter becomes severely cold, snowy, and perfect for the outdoor shots I need to complete.

I have some travelling to do over the course of this final leg. This is a big part of me moving into the undiscovered country, uncharted territory, so I’ll be gaining some much needed experience. There are so many things that I’ll be involved in over the next year to two years, I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead.

As for plans on its release? Well, I’ll look at doing the film festival circuit, and from there? At this point, I’m not even concerned. I just want to create a film that hopefully people enjoy watching.

Now, let’s get this summer over with. It’s almost time to get back on the ice.