The Bucket List

Sunshine | Photo: Yours truly

The Bucket List.

We’ve all heard the term, but how many of us execute one let alone create it? As a filmmaker first, photographer second, most of the things I do (or want to do) involve imagery. Thus, my bucket list includes both places and gear.

  1. Storm Chasing in Tornado Alley
    – Yeah, I’m a bit crazy when it comes to storms, but it’s more about the beauty and raw power of mother nature, and capturing that essence with my camera(s). It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid and watched shows on the Alley. Naturally, one of my top three movies? Twister.
  2. The Arctic
    – I’m a human version of a Polar Bear, in the fact that I handle the deep freezing temperatures. I have wanted to head north and have an opportunity to shoot up there before it is eventually gone.
  3. Iceland
    – Who doesn’t want to visit Iceland? I mean, what’s not to love about this island? The landscapes, mountains, lava fields, waterfalls, geysers, geothermal pools, and of course the main reason photographers flock to Iceland, the amazing powerful views of the Aurora Borealis.
  4. Antarctica
    – Recently in the news, the Larsen C Ice Shelf broke off a massive iceberg, roughly the size of Prince Edward Island (PEI). The data is there, while “Global Warming” is up for continued debate, what’s not up for debate, is Climate Change. The world is changing, and I’d love the chance to go and shoot some aerial of the Antarctic Ice Shelf.
  5. Rocky Mountain Trench
    – If you’ve never heard of “The Trench”, take a moment to look it up and learn about it. It is unique in so many ways, and offers some amazingly beautiful views. There is so much I would want to shoot in The Trench, from aerial to time-lapses, and so much more. This area is one that is sadly seldom talked about, yet is quite breathtaking.

Those are the top 5 on my “places” bucket list. The other list, is merely tools of the trade, as I seek to capture the beauty of the world. I look to show my cinematic take on what’s around us. I’m looking to get a new cinema camera, to take my game to a professional level. I have the other pro tools like the Inspire 1 for aerial, camera stabilizers, etc, but the cinema camera would be another game changer for my future. That camera, the Canon C100 Mark II, will give me an professional grade tool to aid in capturing the beauty I seek to share.

It’s another investment in my future, but one I’m extremely eager to obtain. In fact, I’m hopeful that I can get it sooner than later, as it would make my upcoming documentary, The Hockey Film, that much more detailed. I’ve worked hard for the tools I use, and I’m proud of that fact. I’m not a materialistic person by any stretch, but being able to push myself further, and grow my creative passions, means the world to me.

While I may not reach everything on my bucket list, I’ll make the most out of every single moment that I can check off of it. Don’t let life pass you by. It’s honestly too short, and if you are like me, you don’t want to live with regret. Get out there, whatever your passions are, just get out there and live it, experience it, love it.