The Skyline

Toronto Skyline | Photo: Yours truly.

A few weeks ago, I was in Toronto shooting b-roll footage for my upcoming documentary, The Hockey Film. It was a good opportunity to get a unique angle (to me), and naturally I couldn’t pass up the opportunities to shoot some photos like the one in this update.

I’m entering the final 8-10 months of principal photography for the film, and I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I’ll be putting myself way out there when this first full-feature film is released. Sure, worst case scenarios run though my head from time to time:

  • What happens if people hate the film?
  • What if the imagery looks great, but the story isn’t?
  • What if the story is great, but the imagery isn’t?
  • Will my future be ruined by a film that flops?

It’s not all bad, mind you. I have a number of thoughts go through my head if the film is received well:

  • Can I get this film into large festivals like TIFF?
  • Will this lead to other projects, or working in collaboration with other filmmakers?
  • Will people stop me in a public place to talk about the film, etc? (This has actually already happened)
  • Can I move onto the next project without another massive financial investment on my part?
  • Can I get lucky and have a distributor buy the rights to get the film out there?

I’m confident in my abilities, and believe in myself. I’m of the mindset that no matter the end result, I’ll never stop doing what I love. I’m determined however, to create something that someone really enjoys. No question that I’ll put together a film that I want to see, so the only hope afterwards, is that others feel the same.

I have a lot of shooting to do over the next several months, and it’ll present a lot of challenges. Getting through that, It’ll move to post-production, where the pressure is really on. It’ll be what makes or breaks the film, and I honestly can’t wait to put this film together.

I have a number of exciting stories, and special moments that will keep the viewers interested. Naturally, on a film that’s some 90-minutes long, I can’t possibly even come close to telling all the stories I want to, but there is a hidden message there about what may lay ahead after The Hockey Film is finally out.

For now, I get ready for an upcoming week of production meetings for the film, and I’m super excited about moving into August. It’s time to get summer over with, and move forward to hockey season, and with any luck, a much-needed cold winter.